How Robots Will Affect Future Generations

Robots have been hailed as one of the most mesmerizing scientific inventions in the history of mankind. Robots can do every task which a human being can do. Future seems to belong to them. Robots have numerous of functions and they have contributed in most of people’s life aspects. Nowadays, robots are in use in various kinds of activities all over the world. Each invention comes with its own positive and negative implications.


  • Robots can work in every kind of situation.
  • Use of robots is always cost effective as well as takes less time as comparison to humans.
  • Accuracy is one of the best advantage of use of robots
  • No emotional challenges are there.
  • Robots are mostly utilized in manufacturing industry
  • Robots are much more stronger than human beings
  • Robots can come in any size. Whatever size needed for any task can be created.
  • Additionally, robots can be significantly faster than people too
  • Robots can be used as an alternative of people when human wellbeing is a concern
  • Robots can do jobs that people are not very keen to do so.
  • Increased use of robots in rivalry eliminates putting more people at risk and has proven to be very successful
  • Robots do not get exhaust and can work for much extended hours.
  • Robotic abilities are extremely vast.

The Disadvantages of Robots

  1. Use of robots have eradicated the jobs of many people which further leads to unemployment in the world and which may lead to many social evil issues.
  2. Robots are programmed machines only. Robots do not handle the unexpected situations as well as challenges as people can do in a perfect manner.
  3. Robots are not intelligent enough to take decisions. Robots will do only the task as programmed in them.
  4. Robots do not have an emotion that is why robots lack empathy.
  5. While robots can be sent to other planets and they can do tasks which humans are unable to do but still robots cannot evaluate the things accurately as human can do with the application of mind and taking care of all the factors affecting the situation at a given time.
  6. Robots can be tremendously hazardous. One wrong program can lead to lot of loss of money as well as lives.
  7. More use of robots can destroy the harmony on the planet as this leads to more materialistic world with no emotions and care for each other.
  8. Day by day with the improvement in technology, the main effect is occurring on the nature. Many natural disturbances are occurring only due to more and more advancement in the technology which leads to more and more setting up of industries. More industries lead to more wastage and in turn which is against the natural care.
  9. Use of robots would increase more competition in the professional world and hence more problems in maintaining the harmony and idealistic situation

Robots have a wide range of advantages and disadvantages. And their utilization will only increase through time and with more technological advances. Technological advances as well as improvement is required in order to get perfection in the proper usage of robots.

Impact of robots on society:

Increase in the use of robots is going to increase number of unemployed person in future. Final result of the unemployment can be poverty, drug abuse as well as many kinds of social community problems. This might led to increase in the crime rate in the society as well. Robots do not have emotions so society would become more materialistic.

In my conclusion, it is a good opinion if we can use robot for the effective and efficient time. However, as a good citizen, we have to think about the increasing number of unemployed problems by providing more working field in different industry and acknowledging in advanced skill. Use of robots is going to weaken the creativity ability of human indirectly in future.

Robotics leads to more dependence of humans on machines and this further leads to less emotional attachment among each other in the society as well.

One should not only see the pros of any invention, every invention has its own con side as well. One must know while using any equipment as machines are only machines, they have no emotions as well as no power of thinking like humans. Human being has invented robots so human beings have always going to have a higher place than the robots or any other kind of machinery.


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